Frank Gambale
I have always thought of Jean-Marc Belkadi as a remarkable guitarist. He is definitely one of the finest new, upcoming Jazz
Guitarist I've heard in years.......His technique is awsome.........It's a matter of the public catching up to what I've known for a long
He is all set to blow you away and his CD is a must for all serious guitar fans.
Premier Guitar Magazine Interview: James Valentine (Maroon 5)
Hands All Over.  "I started to get together with a great teacher in LA named Jean Marc Belkadi"
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Sensei to the Stars:
You don’t have to be an amateur guitarist to need guitar lessons. Even the pros like a
good schoolin’ now and again. And if you’re a professional guitarist, singer, or actor in
the Los Angeles area who’s fishing around for a guitar teacher, it probably won’t be long
before someone refers you to Jean-Marc Belkadi. Like his mentor, the late, great guitar
genius Ted Greene, Belkadi is quickly emerging as one of the most in-demand and
respected guitar instructors in Southern California and beyond. Over the years, the
former GIT staffer’s roster of students has included Dweezil Zappa, Ricardo Montalban,
Rafael Moreira (Rock Star house band), Joe Holmes (Ozzy Osbourne, David Lee Roth),
Joel Whitley (Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill), Justin Derrico (Pink), singer/actress/John
Denver ex-wife Cassandra Delaney, Matchbox Twenty drummer Paul Doucette, Sean
Matthew Landon (Michael Landon’s son), Austin Ward (Sela Ward’s son), and even
Martin Chirac (grandson of the former President of France, Jacques Chirac).
Guitar Player Magazine, Jude Gold
Jean Marc Belkadi coached Dweezil Zappa for his Zappa Plays Zappa Tour Full article click here
"All in the Family" By Darrin Fox "I also took lessons from players such as Jean-Marc Belkadi and T.J. Helmerich. It was like
Guitar University here!And I worked with Brett Garsed, who showed me how to incorporate the fingers of my picking hand to
get to some of the wide intervals in Frank’s music that I couldn’t get to with a pick. I use that technique to play “Black Page #2.” I
also took some lessons from the late
Ted Greene to round out my knowledge of chords and harmony.
Jean Marc Belkadi Kicks Ass !!! Mike Stern
Lucca Daddi
Some months ago, I bought your instructional book "Advanced Scale Concepts and Licks" Hal Leonard. Well, I have read all its
pages, and I have studied it a lot, and now I can say that it's the BEST guitar instructional book I have ever seen!!! It's so
complete, solos are so good, all is very clear and well written and it treat many topics.
So I congratulate you for your good work.
The Instructional books:
1  - A Modern Approach to Jazz, Rock & Fusion 1997 Reviews
2  - The Diminished Scale for Guitar 1997 Reviews
3  - Advanced Scale Concepts & Licks for Guitar 1999 Reviews
4  - Jazz-Rock Triad Improvising for Guitar 2000 Reviews        
5  - Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar 2001
6  - Outside Guitar Licks 2002 Reviews
7  - Progressive Tapping Licks 2003 Reviews
8  - Classical Themes for Electric Guitar 2004 Reviews
9  - Ethnic Rhythms for Electric Guitar Jan 2005
10- Exotic Scales & Licks for Electric Guitar Oct 2005 Reviews
11- Technique Exercises for Guitar 2006 Reviews
12- The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar May 2011 E-book Reviews
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Jean Marc Belkadi