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Jean Marc Belkadi is published by
Hal Leonard  and Musicians Institute Press

The books/CD/Tabs are available on Amazon.
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Premier Guitar Magazine   Interview:
James Valentine
(Maroon 5) "Hands All Over"
"I started to get together with a great teacher in LA
named Jean Marc Belkadi" page 3

Premier Guitar Magazine   Chris Traynor Interview
Fretboard Workshop: “Machinehead” Octaves
If you’re inclined to dive deeper into the world of
octave displacement, check out Oz Noy,
Matt Henderson, and Jean Marc Belkadi. Though
they’re each very different players, they take the
concept of octave displacement to the extreme
while still sounding musical.
You don’t have to be an amateur guitarist to need guitar lessons. Even
the pros like a good schoolin’ now and again. And if you’re a professional
guitarist, singer, or actor in the Los Angeles area who’s fishing around for
a guitar teacher, it  probably won’t be long before someone refers you to
Jean-Marc Belkadi. Like his mentor, the late, great guitar genius Ted Greene,
Belkadi is quickly emerging as one of the most in demand and respected
guitar instructors ... more here in Guitar Player
Quick Licks:
GP’s favorite prodigal son Jude Gold delivered this
knowledge. “The easiest way to add zip to an ascending
three-notes-per-string scale is to pick only the first note
on each string and hammer the two that follow. The
problem with this highly legato strategy, though, is that
it results in a predictable and repetitive sound.
Southern California guitar sensei Jean Marc Belkadi has
noticed a clever way to liven things up without slowing
you down: Play every third picked note as the first note
in an upward sweep of the pick that drops you back
down three strings. When you finally reach the highest
string (bar 2, middle of beat two), descend back down
the scale as shown" Full article in  
Guitar Player Magazine
Cool Jean Marc Belkadi's
Guitar Sessions for Commercials
1  - A Modern Approach to Jazz, Rock & Fusion

2  - The
Diminished Scale for Guitar

3  - Advanced Scale Concepts & Licks for Guitar

4  - Jazz-Rock
Triad Improvising for Guitar

5  - Slap &
Pop Technique for Guitar

6  -
Outside Guitar Licks

7  - Progressive
Tapping Licks

8  -
Classical Themes for Electric Guitar

9  - Ethnic
Rhythms for Electric Guitar

Exotic Scales & Licks for Electric Guitar

11- Technique
Exercises for Guitar

12- The
Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar
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Allstate Rewards

Car X Man
with Michael Jackson's Producer
Great Guitar Session at
The Legendary
Marvin's Room in Hollywood
Sensei to the Stars:
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Offset tricks. You can play a composite blues scale over other chord types, too. The
trick is knowing how to offset the scale root in relation to the chord root in relation to the
chord root. (It can be tricky to work out these associations, so be patient and go slowly.)
For Instance, over a minor 7th  chord, play the composite scale located a fourth higher.
To improvise over
Dm7 (D-F-A-C or 1-b3-5-b7), for instance, you’d play
G composite blues scale (G, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, E, F). Notice how, in addition to
Dm7’s chord tones, the G composite blues scale offers G, Bb, B, Db, and E. If you relate
these notes to
Dm7, you get the 4 (G), #5 (Bb or A#), 6 (B), 7 (Db or C#), and 9 (E).
EX.4 is a G  composite blues line played against Dm7. Guitar Player article Here
Jean Marc Belkadi uses the
Regular Slinky Custom Gauge 2221
Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Guitar Strings
Jean Marc Belkadi and Mike Posner
Jean Marc also plays a guitar riff on
"Nobody Knows" (Mansionz) composed
by Mike Posner,Musto and Soren Bryce  
James Valentine invited his guitar
instructor Jean Marc Belkadi in the
Ernie Ball series documentary
"The Pursuit of Tone" directed
by Haven Lamoureux and produced
by Dustin Hinz

"Ernie Ball highlights Maroon 5
guitars and songwriter James Valentine.
Experience the story behind James'
sonic evolution from his start Lincoln
Nebraska, to the world's largest
stadiums with one of rock's most
successful bands, Maroon 5".
You can see the full video  
Check my last album!
Toulouse / Los Angeles on
Set in Seattle, SWING STATE is a political comedy centered on a
struggling rock & roll DJ who creates a fictitious conservative persona.
He’s offered a big check to keep his charade alive, and his creation will
change politics forever! Jean Marc Belkadi was invited to perform
a hilarious guitar solo on Happy Birthday in this funny movie
directed by Jonathan Sheldon. You can rent it on Netflix and more...
1 - The Sniper
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar 2nd solo
Mike Stern - Guitar 1st solo
Hans Zermuehlen - Keyboards, Drums
& Sequencing
Larry Antonino - Bass

2 - It’s Not Difficult
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar
Hans Zermuehlen - Keyboards, Sequencing
Bass & Drums

3 - Just For The Fun
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar 1st solo
Mike Stern - Guitar 2nd solo
Hans Zermuehlen - Keyboards & Organ
Steve Billman - Bass Mike Shapiro - Drums

4 - Toulouse Groove
Jean-Marc Belkadi
- Guitar & Drums Beats
Hans Zermuehlen
- Keyboards & Bass Synth Bob Sheppard - Sax

5 - Check Point
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar 1st solo
Rafael Moreira - Guitar 2nd solo
Hans Zermuehlen - Keyboards, Drums
& Percussions
Larry Antonino – Bass

6 - Mission Possible
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar
Hans Zermuehlen - Keys, Drums and Bass
Bob Sheppard - Sax

7 - Party Time
Jean-Marc Belkadi - Guitar 1st solo
Ernst Homeyer - Guitar 2nd solo Bass
& Drums Programming
View my album
Stopover on
The Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar / 60 mp3

The concept is to help you play more efficiently
the composite blues scale over the dominant,
major, minor 7th and minor 7th b5 chords.
This is a necessary book to improve your blues
vocabulary by understanding the connection
between the chromaticism and the blues scale
in different music styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk,
Fusion, Pop & Latin.
My best selling eBook is on  iTunes
"Wide Open" composed by Mike Posner,
Jean Marc Belkadi, Adam Friedman,
James Bowen  
You can find Jean Marc Belkadi on:
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Episode 95 features a visit with "guitar coach to the stars
" JEAN MARC BELKADI. Showing up with his favorite
Telecaster, Jean Marc plugs in with host JUDE GOLD and
demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge of riffs, licks,
and guitar styles, a prowess that spans funk, fusion, jazz,
and more. Jean Marc also tells you about an amazing friend
he made back when he was studying guitar at GIT in
Hollywood, and goes on to explain how he evolved a career
teaching A-list celebrities, musicians, and power players
in the Hollywood area. ("It's the accent," he jokes. "They
like the accent.") BONUS: We also hear tracks from
Belkadi's two albums, TOULOUSE LOS ANGELES
and STOPOVER. (Tip: If you want a guitar lesson with
Jean Marc, visit his website,
#NoGuitarisSafe is presented by Guitar Player Magazine,
and (
Jude Gold)
No Guitar Is Safe!
This episode is presented by Jude Gold
for  Guitar Player Magazine
With Mike Posner
for making vocal technique
clear and simple. Book
Voices Lessons
with him
Gavin Rossdale "Our reviews improved once we stopped selling records"

...Angry, but it’s still got the trademark sense of melody. I’ve never
forsaken the top lines. The melody is usually really hard to find over riffs,
usually you’re singing over one fucking note! But I always try, that way you get
replayability and connection. I like bands like Shellac and System Of A Down,
but for me it’s natural to write and sing melodically.
I do try to be learned about music more. I take guitar lessons…
Guitar lessons? I’ve got an amazing guitar teacher called Jean-Marc Belkadi.
He teaches everyone here in LA, from the top session players to kids.
We jam and play and I learn stuff. Music is strangely infinite –
there are so few notes and yet so many formulations and possibilities.
It still blows my mind.... by
Grant Moon
Read the full interview in Louder - Classic Rock