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Outside Guitar Licks
Outside Guitar Licks contains chapters on concepts
of playing outside (chromatic approach, twelve-tone
approach, symmetrical approach, superimposed imagery
approach), major chord families (major-ionian, lydian),
minor chord families (dorian, phrygian, natural
minor-aeolian), dominant chord families (mixolydian-
dominant 7 and dominant 11, suspended dominant,
altered dominant) and twelve tone approach.
CD includes 82 tracks, each is played at full tempo and
most are repeated at half speed. Notation/tab...
Progressive Tapping Licks - Jean Marc Belkadi
Musicians Institute Press
Technique Exercises for Guitar - JMB
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Jazz Rock Triad Improvising - JMB
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The Composite Blues Scale for Guitar - JMB
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Angular licks 5 stars review by Stu:
"If you find yourself stuck in a rut with playing lines that sound cliche,
this book presents excellent ideas to help you think outside the box when
improvising on guitar. You will come up with lines that is unique-sounding
and unpredictable. There are only a small number of guitarists who have
been able to sound this way for example, Scott Henderson. This is however
not for beginners on guitar and so you will need to know some theory like triads,
substitution and fretboard logic. An excellent book"
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