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Premier Guitar Magazine Hungarian Gypsy Minor Mode: Cultivating
Jazz Lines from Other Cultures by
Jean Marc Belkadi
"The Hungarian gypsy minor scale can be seen as a harmonic minor scale with
a #4 (or b5). Guitar players such as Jimmy and Stochello Rosenberg and Bireli
Lagrene commonly use this scale in jazz gypsy music".

Premier Guitar Magazine Interview: James Valentine (Maroon 5) -
Hands All Over.  
"I started to get together with a great teacher in LA named
Jean Marc Belkadi

Premier Guitar Magazine Building Chops: Left-Hand Strength and
Coordination by
Jean Marc Belkadi
"Legato Exercises for Increasing Left-Hand Strength and Coordination"

Premier Guitar Magazine Exotic Lines from a Turkish Mode
by Jean Marc Belkadi

Guitar Player Magazine Extreme Sweeping Jean Marc Belkadi's
Polytonal Plectrum Pyrotechnics.
"The polytonal and bi-tonal licks I’m going
to show you are directly inspired by listening to pianists such as Chick Corea
and Herbie Hancock, as well as saxophone players like Michael Brecker and
Joe Henderson”
Jean Marc Belkadi coached Dweezil Zappa for
Zappa Plays Zappa Tour Full article click
"All in the Family" By Darrin Fox "I also
took lessons from players such as
Jean Marc
and T.J. Helmerich. It was like Guitar
here! And I worked with Brett
who showed me how to incorporate the
fingers of my picking hand to get to some of the
wide intervals in Frank’s music that I couldn’t get
to with a pick. I use that technique to play “Black
Page #2.” I also took some lessons from the
Ted Greene to round out my knowledge of
chords and harmony.
"The brilliant Los Angeles guitarist and
instructor Jean-Marc Belkadi has, as he’s done
with so many guitar approaches, refined dozens
of cool ways to use pentatonics. One thing he
likes his students to explore is stringskipping
lines such as Ex. 12. And, as shown in Ex. 13,
Belkadi often handles string skips the smart,
convenient, “hybrid” way—by plucking the
higher string with the picking hand’s middle
finger. Notice that this last example has a
hemiolic three-against-four pick/hammer/pluck
cycle. Keep it in 4/4 (i.e., don’t lose track of the
downbeats), and it will retain its jagged,
unpredictable sound." page 93
Pentatonic Pyrotechnics By Jude Gold
Guitar Player Magazine
Contact Me if you want to schedule a Video Live
Lesson through Video Skype.
Sensei to the Stars:
You don’t have to be an amateur guitarist to
need guitar lessons. Even the pros like a good
schoolin’ now and again. And if you’re a
professional guitarist, singer, or actor in the
Los Angeles area who’s fishing around for a
guitar teacher, it probably won’t be long before
someone refers you to Jean-Marc Belkadi. Like
his mentor, the late, great guitar genius Ted
Greene, Belkadi is quickly emerging as one of
the most in-demand and respected guitar
instructors ....
Guitar Player Magazine, Jude Gold
The concept of The Composite
Blues Scale for Electric Guitar

The concept of The Composite Blues
Scale for Electric Guitar is to show the
guitarist how to improvise and compose
with the composite blues scale over the
dominant, major, minor 7th and Minor
7th b5 chords. This is a necessary
book  to improve the chromaticism and
Blues vocabulary by understanding the
connection between the chromaticism
and the blues scale in different music
styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Pop &
GP’s favorite prodigal son Jude Gold delivered this knowledge. “The easiest way to add zip to an
ascending three-notes-per-string scale is to pick only the first note on each string and hammer the
two that follow. The problem with this highly legato strategy, though, is that it results in a
predictable and repetitive sound. Southern California guitar sensei J
ean Marc Belkadi has
noticed a clever way to liven things up without slowing you down: Play every third picked note as
the first note in an upward sweep of the pick that drops you back down three strings. When you
finally reach the highest string (bar 2, middle of beat two), descend back down the scale as shown”.
Jean Marc Belkadi

Maroon 5's James Valentine on the Art of Pop/Funk Guitar

Who is your favorite pop guitar player around town?
Blake Mills. He’s incredible. I would say he’s an inspiration, but what he inspires
me to do is throw all my guitars into the L.A. River. While I may never be able to
play like him, it’s always immensely fun to learn a new lick or voicing and
incorporate it into my onstage vocabulary. Whenever I can, I take a guitar lesson
Jean-Marc Belkadi or other guys around town—not just to learn new
things, but because lessons keep me playing guitar. I went to a Berklee summer
session right after high school in 1996, just to learn more guitar. That’s where I
met John Mayer. He won the big scholarship prize—the son of a bitch. That’s why
I didn’t give him that amp [laughs].
Article by
Jude Gold   Guitar Player Magazine Issue
Vlog 'n' roll at Gibson's 2013 NAMM Jam.

Need some cuddles? Meghan gets the
squeeze from
CSI:NY's Detective Don Flack,
who is the Epiphone Casino owning star
Eddie Cahill in real life. Turns out, the actor
is a serious music fan and pupil of L.A.
guitar teacher
Jean-Marc Belkadi. Want
more hugs and behind-the-scenes
coverage? Stay tuned for the inside scoop
as Gibson jams NAMM. Below at 1.05
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